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Our students and faculty are the life force of Gould’s Academy, so we can’t fully tell our story, without sharing the experiences of those who have found inspiration and forged new paths here on our campuses.

We encourage our students to become an active part of our online community by sharing their work, their success, and their day-to-day adventures here at Gould’s Academy.

How to Share Content With Us

You can share content with us using the following methods:

Method 1Use Tags

You can share your content using hashtag #GouldsAcademy (Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook) or check in at the Ridgeway Campus or Bartlett Campus on Facebook.

Method 2Use This Form

The form below helps us gather all the information we need to design and compose a social media post that tells a complete story.

What We are Looking For

Photos and videos are a powerful way to showcase your work and establish your identity as a professional, but only if  they can be used to tell your story in a compelling way.

In order to share the media you send us, we need accurate information and creative details about you and your project. For example:

  • Name of the Service.
  • Describe your techniques and Process
  • Share your color formula.
  • Describe which products were used, and why.
  • What was the name of the class or event you were attending?
  • Did someone help you with this project? Who do you need to share credit with?
  • How did the client react? Were they excited?
  • Was this a special occasion for the client?
  • Did you get the results you expected?
  • What would you do differently next time?
  • Did this project help you feel more confident in your work?
Our goal is to help you put your best foot forward as you embark on your new career, so the images and content you send us will be reviewed and edited for quality and accuracy. If you send us something that doesn’t get shared, it may be due to factors like low image quality, not enough information provided, or it may just be a busy time of year in which case content is prioritized and scheduled further in advance.

If you send something that doesn’t get shared within a few days, you can make an inquiry about it through this form or your instructor.

Content Submission Form