Cosmetology School Program

Gould’s Academy has day and evening classes for full-time and part-time cosmetology school students. We offer a comprehensive beauty school education in preparation for the Tennessee State Board of Cosmetology Licensing exam as well as the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology Licensing exam. Our hair school program utilizes a number teaching methods with accreditations by the Sassoon Academy cutting curriculum and the Goldwell Signature School curriculum. A business course by “Nuts & Bolts” further enhances our student’s education by teaching them the essential business skills that it takes to succeed in the salon industry.

A Beautiful Career

Cosmetology is a fun and exciting career. Whether you choose to work in your hometown, at an up-scale salon in the city, or even become a Gould’s Salon Spa professional, attending Gould’s cosmetology school in Memphis is a direct path to your new career. Our students gain confidence, make new friendships, and learn from their piers while getting a quality education at Gould’s Academy of Cosmetology.

Hair School Essentials

During your courses, expect to learn about the many skills and services you can offer as a licensed cosmetologist. You will start out cutting, styling, and performing chemical services on mannequins, then you will graduate to a real-world experience as you move on to perform services on actual clients under the direct supervision of a licensed cosmetology instructor.

Class Levels

LEVEL 1 – This includes 360 hours of education in a supervised classroom where you learn theory and participate in practical training.
LEVEL  2 – This level includes 300 additional hours of supervised training, where students must demonstrate their knowledge of practical application and theory before being promoted to the third level.
LEVEL 3 – This level is when you begin working on real clients and is known as the Student Salon.


More than a Hair School

The Cosmetology License is comprehensive, covering a broad scope of services, so our curriculum is structured to cover several areas of expertise. As with most professions, you must take general courses as a foundation for your education. These courses include anatomy and physiology, skin diseases and disorders, chemistry, and sanitary practices. From there, you will have classes in hair design, including cutting, hair color, straightening techniques, and other chemical services. You will also learn the basics of manicures, pedicures, and skincare.

Examinations & Licensing

Upon completion of your coursework, you will be prepared to take the Tennessee State Board of Cosmetology Licensing Exam as well as the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology Licensing Exam.

Educational Materials & Techniques

Hour Requirements

The amount of time you must spend getting your education at a beauty school in Memphis depends on which aspect of cosmetology you intend to focus on. General courses alone will account for more than 60 hours of your education. In total, cosmetology students must complete roughly 1,500 hours of coursework that uses DVDs, lectures, hands-on work and other mediums to prepare you to become licensed. You can opt to take an additional 20-hour course that prepares you for owning and operating your own salon as well. Depending on how often you take classes, you could be finished in as little as eight months or as long as two years. Be sure to factor in costs. Approximately 85% percent of the cost of our cosmetology program is tuition, and around 15% is for books, supplies, and uniforms. You will find a breakdown of tuition costs for our cosmetology school here on our website.
Course Hours
Administration, Salon/Spa Ethics, Tennessee State Law, First Aid and Infection Control (Salon Ecology) 35
Shampooing, Rinsing and Conditioning 30
Haircutting 135
Properties of the Hair and Scalp 20
Manicuring and Pedicuring 115
Hairstyling and Related Theory 210
Facials and Related Theory of Make-Up 45
Chemical Texturizing (Chemical Relaxers) 70
Chemical Texturizing (Permanent Waving) 100
Wigs and Related Theory 15
Anatomy and Physiology 20
Skin Diseases and Disorders 20
Hair Removal 15
Hair Pressing 20
Electricity and Light Therapy 10
Concepts in Hair Color 185
Chemistry 20
Salon Business 25
Practical Applications of Services on Student Salon Floor of Required Knowledge 410

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