Admissions Policies

Equal Opportunities

Gould’s Academy’s policies of admission on instruction and graduation practices do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, ethnicity or national origin, religion or age.


Tennessee Board of Cosmetology State Lawrequires an individual student to be 16 years of age or older to enroll in a Cosmetology or Manicuring course. Gould’s Academy does not recruit or encourage students already enrolled in a similar course of study.


If a student is transferring from another school, he/ she may have already accumulated hours toward his/her completion of the 1,500 hour Cosmetology program. Upon enrollment, Gould’s Academy, requires a student with more than 350 transfer hours to take a theory and practical exam to determine the number of transfer hours that will be accepted (above and beyond 350 hours). All tests and practicals from the prior school may be transferred. To the extent that the prescribed curricula for courses are substantially similar the Board may allow (150) general hours of credit accumulated by a student to transfer from one course of instruction to another. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain certification of hours, grades of chapter tests and practicals and settle all financial obligations from the prior institution.

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