Barber College

Barber School Program

There’s no better time to begin a career as a professional barber. The barber profession has experienced a surge in demand in recent years. Employment opportunities for barbers has been on a steady rise and there’s no evidence of a slowdown anytime soon. The increase is a result of an increased demand in personal care services, along with a growing population. Gould’s Academy’s highly skilled and experienced instructors present classes using a combination of lectures, media applications, demonstrations, platform artists and practical hands on application.

A Rewarding Career

Attending Gould’s Barber School Program in Memphis is a direct path to a rewarding career that can last a lifetime. Barbering is recession proof career with strong job security. No matter what’s going on in the economy people need their hair cut. Aside from security, barbering is a creative job that never gets boring. Each person that comes to see you is depending on you to shape their hair into something that looks great. Barbers genuinely improve their client’s lives through instilling confidence and preparing them to be their best.

A Complete Barbering Toolkit

The Barbering License is comprehensive, covering a broad scope of services that include everything you need to offer a diverse set of skills to your future clients. You will start by taking general courses to build a firm foundation in your understanding of barbering. Educational materials you’ll be learning from include:
  • American Crew Menswork Shaving Workbook
  • American Crew Menswork
  • Haircutting Workbook
  • Milady Standard of Barbering Textbook
  • Milady Barbering Theory Workbook
  • Goldwell Color System
  • Tennessee State Board Booklet

Barbering Course Levels

LEVEL 1 – You will begin your barbering education in a supervised classroom. You will accumulate 270 hours of theory and practicals. Upon reaching satisfactory progress and attendance, practical and theory exams, you will be promoted to the Level 2 Barbering program.
LEVEL  2 – Level 2 classes will continue with supervised training for the next 420 hours. Upon successfully completing 420 hours and reaching satisfactory progress in attendance, practical and theory exams, you’ll be promoted to Level 3, the Student Salon Floor.
LEVEL 3 – In Level 3, all phases of barbering are performed by students on clients/mannequins under the direct supervision of a licensed educator. During Level 3 you’ll continue to attend both daily theory class and advanced technical classes through the remainder of Barbering training.

Barbering Course Hour Requirements

Barbering students must successfully complete 1,500 practical and theory hours composed of the following required units:
Theory, Classroom set up and Instruction, Tennessee State Law Hours
First Aid, Basic Tools and Implements 50
Infection Control; and General Sciences 85
Hair Scalp and Nail Care 75
Shaving 120
Hairstyling 220
Haircutting 230
Haircoloring and Lightening 150
Chemical Texture Services, Permanent Waiving, Relaxing 200
Skin Care, Facials, Electrotherapy and Light Therapy 100
Barber Business, Retail Sales 60
City and State Laws 10
Practical Applications of Services on Student Salon Floor of Required Knowledge 200

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