Esthetician Course

The skincare and spa industry is rapidly expanding, and estheticians are in higher demand than ever before. If you are ready to help men and women boost their self-esteem and enhance their confidence through skin treatments, hair removal, and other processes, attending an esthetician school in Memphis Tennessee is for you. Here at Gould’s Academy, we can help you earn your esthetician license and ultimately prepare you for a successful career in the beauty industry.

Esthetician School Curriculum

As you work towards becoming a licensed esthetician, you will follow our pre-determined coursework formulated to prepare you to become a professional, in-demand skin care specialist. We teach from the Murad & Mirabella and the Milady Standard Esthetics Fundamentals to provide our students with a strong groundwork once they become an esthetician. We also offer a 20-hour business course, known as Nuts and Bolts, that further enhances each student’s education and prepares them to become a potential spa or salon owner following graduation.

Throughout your training, your instructors will use a variety of materials, including PowerPoint presentations, lectures, demonstrations, diagrams, and DVDs, to provide a well-rounded, excellent educational experience. We believe incorporating a variety of learning materials into our program creates motivated, inspired, and artistic esthetics who are prepared to succeed in the salon and spa industry.

Student Progression

After you enroll in our esthetician program, you will begin your education at a Level-1 where you will spend most of your time in a supervised classroom. At this point, you will work towards accumulating 300 hours of theory and practical fundamental education. After you have made satisfactory progress in relation to your practical learning, you will then be promoted to a Level-2 in our esthetics program.

Once you reach a Level-2, you will continue to learn about the fundamentals of esthetics in a more hands-on environment. For the next 450 hours of your training, your classes will continue with supervised training in addition to experience on our floor. After you have completed your hours and shown proficiency in the field, you will be prepared to apply for official license as an esthetician in the state of Tennessee.

Our esthetics program is highly rewarding, educational, and informative. By enrolling, you ultimately prepare yourself for a successful career in the spa and salon industry thanks to our carefully crafted curriculum and commitment to giving all of our students hands-on experience before graduation.

How to Enroll for Esthetician School

If you are ready to make take your career to the next level or start a new career in the beauty industry altogether, we want you to contact us today! Please give us a call at 901-767-6647 or fill out the form located on our website for further information.

State Board Examinations & Licensing

Upon completion of your coursework, you will be prepared to take the Tennessee State Board of Estheticians Licensing Exam as well as the Mississippi State Board of Estheticians Licensing Exam.


Students may qualify for financing from a variety of sources including the U.S. Department of Education. Our Financial Aid officers can help you explore your financing options, and to fill out any paperwork. For more information about Tuition and financing options, click here.

Hour Requirements

Course Hours
Administration, Spa Ethics and Tennessee State Law 10
General Sciences 15
Basics of Chemistry 25
Electricity and Light Therapy 10
Nutrition 10
Skin Science: Physiology and Histology of the Skin 25
Skin Diseases and Disorders 25
Skin Analysis 25
Skin Care Products, Chemistry, Ingredients and Selection 25
Treatment Room 10
Basic Facials and Facial Massage 50
Facial Machines 5
Hair Removal 10
Advanced Topics and Treatment 15
Make-Up 15
Business/Career Planning 5
The Skin Care Business 10
Selling Products and Services 10
Practical Applications of Services on Student Spa Floor of Required Knowledge 450

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